Estate and Asset Protection Ltd.- Who we are

There are several different areas of professional expertise, which combine to make up a comprehensive Estate Planning service.

We have years of experience in the field, and access to quality legal and financial advice from qualified Solicitors and Financial Advisers - both in-house and externally - who specialise in the various complementary aspects of Estate Planning.

We are dedicated to providing top-quality tailored individual advice, backed up by a hands-on personal service designed for the clients convenience.
As our core service is based on personalised home visits, we are able to provide our services to clients throughout the country.

Each client is treated as an individual and we don’t just look at the client in isolation. We look at them in the context of their whole family circumstances and mindful of the particular issues which affect them and the wider family.

Only by doing that can we provide the top-quality comprehensive Estate Planning Service, which we are dedicated to offering.

Following completion of a service, we offer safe Deedstore facilities and regular review and back up.

This is designed to ensure that the solution provided continues to be appropriate for changing circumstances.

We provide services designed to meet the challenges inevitably faced in the event of incapacity or death. More than that, we aim to be there to provide whatever back up is required when the worst happens.

We aim to be there when you need us – today and in the future.

Protect your Family’s future – and give yourself Peace-of-Mind

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Estate & Asset  Protection