A valid up-to-date Will is a key part of effective Estate Planning. It puts you in control and ensures matters are not left to chance, and your family’s inheritance put at risk.

Many assume that everything will automatically go to their next of kin – WRONG!

If you die without a valid Will, the Law and NOT YOU, decides how your possessions will be distributed. In addition, your family will have additional expense, hassle and delay in winding-up your Estate.

By having an up-to date Will, you ensure that:

  • The people you want to inherit are the people who DO inherit
  • Your family are not left with a mess to sort out
  • You chose the Executor you wish to oversee the winding-up of your Estate
  • You minimise family arguments and fall outs
  • You help preserve your assets to you, your family and the future!

Everyone knows they should have a Will but most never get around to it. It is easier not to think about.

Whether or not you make a Will, the fact is your Estate WILL be distributed on your death. It makes sense for you control what happens and make sure your family and loved-ones are properly protected.

How we can help

We are professional Estate Planners and specialise in Wills and Inheritance. We aim to provide a high quality personalised and professional service.

We look not just at the client, but also to their whole surrounding circumstances.

Our advice is designed to ensure your affairs are sorted out with a view to preserving your assets and ensuring things are made as straightforward as possible both for you and you loved-ones.

If you:

  • Don’t have a Will – You need to act now to make sure your family and loved ones are protected, and to make sure it is you who decides what happens
  • Have an old Will – Make sure your Will reflects your current circumstances, and not when you made your original Will years ago. The law has changed significantly over recent years. The right one then could be the wrong one now!
  • Have a more recent Will – As specialists with many years experience, we are ideally placed to ensure that the Will you have is the one you need and that all surrounding issues have been addressed as well!